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Small Child with Large Glasses


5 Year Olds

The "Stars" work on the skills required for a successful entrance to kindergarten. We consciously endeavor to provide an environment that assists with a positive self-concept and love of learning. Academically, we will work on multi-step directions, following classroom rules, working independently, and developing constructive attitudes toward small and large group activities.  We present and develop many concepts including left-right progression, sorting, sequencing, classifying, number sets, spatial relationships, phonetic reading skills, letter recognition both in and out of sequence, writing skills, language enrichment, visual discrimination, and manual dexterity.

Socially, we will encourage continued development of sharing, turn taking, respecting others and establishing friendships. Dramatic play, show-n-tell, and rewards for good behaviors are some of the tools used to enrich children’s interactions.

There is outside time as well on a shaded age-appropriate playground.

Lunch is provided and served in the classroom.

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